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XinNano Materials, Inc., a joint venture of Xintek, Inc. in USA and TECO Nanotech Co., the world leader in producing high quality CARBON NANOTUBES (CNTs) for field emission (including field emission displays, back light units and X-ray sources, etc), thermal and electrical conducting applications.
Our CNT based field emission cathodes are cold cathodes that can be turned on and off instantly and have multi-pixel capability. The CNT cathodes can eliminate the heat production in the traditional vacuum electronics based on thermionic cathodes and significantly improve their performance and energy efficiency. They also offer many new device design ideas that enable develop of next generation of high speed, more compact and energy efficient vacuum electronic devices (such as medical and security x-ray CT scanners).
CNT materials and CNT based transparent conductive films (TCFs) are strong, flexible and have excellent thermal and electric conductivity. They can find broad applications in touch panel, e-paper, flexible display, various energy storage devices (including solar cell, lithium ion battery and super-capacitor) and composite as electrode, electrical conductive, thermal conductive or mechanical reinforce additive.

Management Philosophy
Together with our partners, we are committed to continuously improving our CNT synthesis technologies and upgrading our CNT production capabilities. Our mission is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality product and service at the lowest price.

Board and Management
Dr. Shan Bai, Chairwoman, Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Bai is the chairman and interim CEO of XinNano. She currently also serves as the CEO of Xintek, the parent company of XinNano. Prior to co-founding Xintek in 2000, she worked as investment banker at JPMorgan and Union Bank of Switzerland between 1995 and 2000, where she participated in various financial transactions including equity offerings, project financing and mergers & acquisitions. Before she started her investment banking career, she had worked in the legal department of Leica AG, a Swiss optical instruments manufacturer, from 1993 to 1995. Ms. Bai holds a Ph.D in law from the University of Basel, Switzerland, and a Bachelor Degree in German Literature from Beijing University.

Mr. George Lien, Vice Chairman
Mr. George Lien is currently CEO of the New Business Development Division of TECO Group. Prior to his current post, he had served as senior executive at the Division of Industrial Product and System and the Division of IT and Optronics of TECO Group from 2001 to 2008. Mr. Lien was the president of Chunghsin Electrical and Machinery from 1999 to 2001. Mr. Lien received his Master of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA in 1985..

Dr. Jie Liu Board Director
Mr. Liu is Professor of Chemistry at Duke University, USA. He currently also serves as technical consultant to Xintek, the parent company of XinNano. Dr. Liu received his Ph. D. in chemistry from Harvard University and his postdoctoral training at Rice University with Prof. Richard Smalley. Dr. Liu is a worldwide leading scientist for nanoscale materials and co- inventor of 20 CNT - related patents.

Dr. Bo Gao, Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Bo Gao is Chief Technology Officer of XinNano in charge of product development. He currently also serves as the Vice President Materials at the parent company – Xintek, Inc. Dr. Gao joined Xintek in 2001. Dr. Gao holds a Ph.D. in material sciences from the University of North Carolina. He is the co-inventor of several key carbon nanotube related patents.