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Alcohol Wiping Resisted Ink and Film
APPLICATION OF Alcohol Wiping Resisted Ink and Film
Alcohol Wiping Resisted Ink  Alcohol Wiping Resisted Film for
EMI Shielding Antistatic Packaging
Our Alcohol wiping resist antistatic film is the ideal material for the application of ESD protection. EMI Shelding, by providing stable conductivity, excellent wear resistance, environmental friendly production way and competitive price. We offer various antistatic films or antistatic inks depending upon our customers’ requirements on conductivity and substrate.
  • Adjustable surface resistance (104~1011 ohm/sq) and a shelf life of at least one years
  • Excellent adhesion, wear resistance and solvent resistance between antistatic film and substrate
  • Available in various film colors from transparent to black
  • High quality antistatic films at a competitive price over those leading brands
  • Suitable for roll-to-roll, spray and inkjet printing devices---for antistatic ink customers
  • Suitable for printing on various substrates including PET, PC, PI and PS---for antistatic ink customers
  • Water based, easy to use and environmental friendly ink---for antistatic ink customers

Antistatic Ink Data Sheet

Properties Unit Specifications
Viscosity Cps 7~12
Solid Content Wt% 5±0.5
Gravity g/ml 0.97±0.2
pH pH 2.6±0.2
Solvent - DI water & IPA
Thermal Curing Procedure °C x time(min.) (150~180) x (1-3 min.)
Surface Tension of Substrate Required Dyne Index >50
Estimated Coating Areas Per Kilo Gram Ink 200 m² @ wet coating thickness of 6μm
Shelf Life Day >60 days
Color Black : OhmiSol ASB
Dark Blue : OhmiSol AST

Antiststic Films Performance

Properties Unit Performance Measurement Method
Sheet Resistance Ω/口 104-1011 Ω/口 can be adjusted Four Point Probe
Total Transparent Rate & Haze % Upon substrate used Haze Meter
Adhesion 100/100 Passed 3M cross-cut tape
60°C x 90% x 240hrs. R/Ro No Sheet Resistance Change Four Point Probe
Alcohol Resistance - No Sheet Resistance Change After Wiping Following Industrial Standard
Film Color Transparent, or Light Black
Shelf Life Month >12 Months, no Sheet Resistance Change Four Point Probe